Meet the Team

At Fort Smith Therapy, Health and Wellness, you will be seen, heard and respected. We work hard to make our office a safe place, where you can be you, while assisting and challenging you to becoming the best you ever!

Donna Morgan, LPC

Donna Morgan, LPC-S, RPT-S, TA-S

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
  • Registered Play Therapist Supervisor
  • Technology Assistant Supervisor

I help individuals, children, or families who are challenged with not feeling confident or who are feeling stuck in life. Through non-judgmental understanding, I provide a safe space where you can finally relax and be yourself.

Together, we’ll explore how to get to a place where your ups and downs in life are manageable instead of overwhelming.

Amber Cervantes, LPC, LMFT

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I am the kind of therapist that wants to see my patients get better and have the best life possible as quickly as possible. Your victories and growth are the reason I get up and go to work every morning. I am a natural nurturer, cheerleader and supporter. Clinically, my experience is vast and practical.

Amber Cervantes, LPC, LMFT

Cheyenne Parker, LAC, TA

  • Licensed Associate Counselor
  • Technology Assistant

My goal is to meet you where you are in your journey and assist you in finding the best course of action for growth, healthy change and healing.

As your therapist, I will support you, challenge you, cheer for you, and work to educate you and provide resources so that you are reaching your identified goals for treatment and reaching your full potential.

Kaitlyn Gardner, LPC

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

Reaching out to a professional counselor can be tough and confusing. I strive to create a non-judgmental and compassionate space for you to feel empowered to freely express your thoughts, successes, pain, grief, or insecurities. I, too, was a therapy client at one time, and can assure you that you will never regret spending the time and effort to work through what you need.

Marsha Williams, LAC

  • Licensed Associate Counselor

I’m passionate about creating experiences where people can feel known and understood. I’ve grown to believe that feeling truly seen is the remedy for most ailments of the heart and mind, and that healing takes place within the context of relationships, as this is also where our pain in life begins. Loneliness is one of the worst feelings in the world, and affirming connection is one of the best. My hope is to offer the affirming connection you and /or your child need. The aim of my clinical practice is to discover resolution to trauma during developmental years, in childhood, to reduce the heaviness of trauma and its long-term effects.

Melody Robinson

  • Counseling Intern

Hi, my name is Melody Robinson. I have a special passion for helping women and children, but anyone who is tired of the struggle, and ready to work toward change is welcome.

Natasha Crawford, MS, LPC, TA

Natasha M. Crawford, MS, LPC, TA

  • Masters of Science
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Technology Assistant

As your therapist, Natasha will use a variety of therapeutic techniques based on person-centered and attachment theory to guide, support, and walk alongside you through your life experiences and challenges.

Let’s explore ways for you to feel and be your best self.

Shawnda Wear, LAC

  • Licensed Associate Counselor

I have a passion for helping people where they are. I realize that we all have times in our lives where we need extra support, a listening ear, and a non-judgmental space to be ourselves. This is what I hope to provide for my clients. I use a person-centered and integrated approach to meet you where you are, work through problems, learn coping and relaxation skills, and help improve your life’s journey.

Tim Beasley

  • Counseling Intern

Hello. I am Tim Beasley. I have been a pastor in Fort Smith for over 25 years and have served kids, students, families, and adults. I am passionate about helping families connect and communicate positively and meaningfully. I am also comfortable assisting folks in identifying and solving problems that interfere with healthy daily function.

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