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Counseling Services for Individuals, Children, & Families in Fort Smith, AR

Do Any of The Following Resonate with You?

  • you feel lost in life
  • you wonder if you will ever feel "safe and normal"
  • you just don't know if you are good enough anymore
  • you are busy caring for everyone else and just need someone to be there for you

If so, counseling can help.


Therapy services in Fort Smith, In Person and Online For Arkansas Residents


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides therapy for people who are looking to create a healthy life. Individual therapy helps by addressing concerns of the specific issues that each person presents with.

Individual counseling will help the individual address and process hurts from their past, things that are currently happening in their life that are overwhelming or unresolved issues of any kind. I will help you to utilize your past experiences to create your best version of you, which will give you a more hopeful future.

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Play Therapy

Play therapy helps children work through and process their issues. Play therapy can help with behavioral issues, divorce, abandonment, trauma, abuse and neglect and crisis that have occurred in the child's life.

Play therapy assists the child in gaining knowledge of their feelings and emotions and how to use them effectively. With Play therapy the child will be able to discuss how they feel instead of acting out the behaviors.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy is a therapy that involves more than one member of the family. At times it can include all members or just a few members. Family therapy can assist parents, parents who are co-parenting, blended families or just help ease the frustration and chaos that comes with parenting.

Family therapy assists all family members to feel important, heard and validated. It can assist you and your family in understanding each other, and the behaviors and cycles that happen in your family interactions.

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Hi, I'm Donna Morgan


I help individuals, children, and families with counseling services in Fort Smith. If you have suffered a traumatic event, wanting to work through grief issues, or just want to feel more like your old self, working together could help you feel in control.

At Fort Smith Therapy, Health and Wellness, you will be seen, heard and respected. I will assist and challenge you to becoming the Best YOU ever. I let you be you. In my office you are safe. I am warm and compassionate and create a safe place for clients to heal.

I provide therapy to people who struggle with not feeling good enough. Those feelings may come from an attachment injury, trauma, depression or anxiety.

My hope for you is that you do not go through any of that alone. Let’s work together to unbury you and let your true self start shining through.

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