Play Therapy

Helping Your Child Become a Happy, Carefree Child Again

Is your child struggling? Is your child having a hard time adjusting to life situations? We understand how difficult that can be. Your child is struggling with anger and doesn’t know how to respond appropriately, or your child has developed some behavior issues that you are unsure about.

Parenting is hard and it really does take a village when raising children

Reach out and together we can help your child overcome their struggles.

Challenges That Play Therapy Can Help You With

As a parent of a child that is having a hard time adjusting to life situations you may be feeling:

  • Overwhelmed parenting your child
  • As if your child’s feelings are overwhelming for them
  • As if your child is exhibiting behaviors which are new, and you don’t know if it is normal

If your child is having overwhelming feelings play therapy can help.

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