Play Therapy in Fort Smith

Helping your Child Become a Happy, Carefree Child Again

Is your child struggling, is your child having a hard time adjusting to life situations? I understand how difficult that can be. Your child is struggling with anger and doesn't know how to respond appropriately, or your child has developed some behavior issues that you are unsure about.

Parenting is hard and it really does take a village when raising children. Reach out and together we can help your child overcome their struggles.

Here Are Some Specific Challenges That I Can Help You With

As a parent of a child that is having a hard time adjusting to life situations you may be feeling:

  • overwhelmed parenting your child
  • as if your child's feelings are overwhelming for them
  • as if your child is exhibiting behaviors which are new, and you don't know if it is normal

If your child is having overwhelming feelings play therapy can help.

As Your Therapist, I Can Help You Become Closer With Your Child

I'm Donna Morgan and I'm a therapist who is uniquely qualified to help your child work through difficult feelings, emotions or adjust better to transitions in life.   I have had extensive training in Play Therapy. You will know that I am in your corner as we work alongside each other to help your child be the best person that they can be, while assisting you in knowing that you are an awesome parent.

Play Therapy Can Improve Your Lives

Play Therapy can provide the support you need to help your child find their way to a better life. Even if you’re feeling lost now, I can help guide your child in making lasting, positive changes in their life. Play Therapy can help your child:

  • start feeling like they are in control of their feelings/emotions
  • learn how and why they feel different emotions and verbalize them
  • improve their self-esteem

Children can not always manage their tough emotions but the good news is that it's possible for them to learn what they are feeling. I have the experience to help you.

Take The Next Step, Reach Out To Schedule Your First Session

If you are child is having a hard time adjusting to life situations, if your child is having issues following the rules, issues with anger or you just want to become closer with your child, schedule your first session today. You may call me at 479-323-2424 or email me at [email protected] today. I'm here for you.