Donna Morgan, LPC, RPT, TA

Hi, I'm Donna Morgan, LPC, Registered Play Therapist

And I Provide Therapy for Individuals, Children,
and Families in Arkansas, Georgia, and Florida

I help individuals, children, or families who are challenged with not feeling confident or who are feeling stuck in life. Through non-judgmental understanding, I provide a safe space where you can finally relax and be yourself.

Together, we'll explore how to get to a place where your ups and downs in life are manageable instead of overwhelming.

If You Feel Stuck or Lost

  • I hear you
  • You are not alone

With all the pressures in your daily life, do you feel that you are not enough for your spouse, kids, parents, or coworkers. Life is not easy; everything seems to be a challenge. You can't stop your thoughts; you feel like your brain will never shut off.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed right now with all that's going on. You may be feeling:

  • confused about memories from the past and not know how to deal with them
  • so sad that you cry a lot and don't know why
  • worry that you will never be happy
  • that you want to be happy more than anything, however, something keeps pulling you into sadness

If it is affecting your ability to live your life, then it may be time to get therapy.

It’s Possible To Start Feeling At Peace

As your therapist, I will meet you where you are. I will challenge you and cheer for you as you become unstuck in life. I will be with you every step as we uncover your pain, shame, guilt or whatever else you may be going through. I will help you be the best YOU ever.

In 2009, my life took a drastic turn.  My fiancé was killed by a drunk driver.  I was there when it happened. I had a hard time adjusting to life after seeing the accident and also had no idea how to grieve a loss that significant. Yes, I have grieved my grandparents dying but the loss of my fiancé was a deeper wound that I had a hard time bandaging.

Life has its ups and downs as I know first-hand. My experience allows me to know how to help you. Trauma and Grief are a part of our lives; however, we don’t just get over it; but we can make it through it. As your therapist, I will work with you to decide the best course of action to work through your pain.


There Are Many Benefits To Therapy

Therapy can successfully help you become more comfortable in your own skin. It can help you:

  • feel excited to be living life
  • be confident that you can manage what life throws your way
  • quit avoiding social obligations
  • improve your relationships

These are a few of the ways therapy can help.


A Little About My Professional Background

I received a Bachelor of Science in Human Services from Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, AR. I worked as a case manager for Area Agency on Aging for 2 years and I spent 7 years working for Children and Family Services in Arkansas.  I resigned my position to obtain a Masters of Education, however, after the death of my fiancé, I dropped out of that program and decided I wanted to be a therapist.

I received a Master’s in Marriage and Family and Community Counseling from John Brown University Siloam Springs, AR, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist. I also have a Tech Assisted Specialization which means I can do therapy via video or phone. I am trained in Brain Spotting and Emotion Focused Therapy.

I maintain my licenses to practice. You can verify my license here.


I maintain my license to practice in Arkansas, Georgia and Florida. You can verify my Arkansas license and verify my Georgia license. I am also a Telehealth provider for residents in Florida as approved by Florida Telehealth.

What People Say

"I have had the pleasure of working with Donna Morgan.  She is a talented therapist that gives 110% of herself. I would highly recommend her."

"Soon after my child started seeing Donna, I started seeing drastic changes in him, he was happier.  Finally, my baby had a sense of peace about him that I honestly didn’t think he would ever have again.  I can’t put into words the healing effect Donna and her guidance process had on him."

"Donna is a very compassionate, caring, trustworthy, and nonjudgmental therapist who shows such great passion in what she does; helping anyone struggling through life’s challenges."

Become the Best You Ever

Receiving therapy can assist individual, children and families feel at peace. Let’s discover how I can help. Reach out to schedule your first appointment. During your first call, you will speak to the receptionist. She will ask you some basic questions and gather your insurance information. Your insurance information will be handed off to the insurance verification specialist. After everything is confirmed, you will receive a call to schedule your first appointment.

At your first appointment, I will meet with you and discuss the reason you would like to start therapy and what you hope to gain from therapy. After that, we will decide if you would like to schedule more appointments and how often you will be seen. To schedule your first appointment, call 479-242-3200. I'm here for you.